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Hi I'm Andrea Dotta: a Pro comic artist and animator and one year ago I had the insane idea of making a powerful webcomic to show my works to more people as possible. Now I'm in a positive development towards my goal. If you want to do a webcomic, always do your best as their are millions of webcomics on the internet. 

In this article,  I  would like to share the things that I've learned this year so I hope you will get something from me.



  • IDEAThere are no bad ideas, there are only ideas that are not developed.  To develop your idea, you need to be authentic - think of your real life experiences to give credibility to your story. If you need a sad story, think of a sad story in your life. If you want a happy story, think and say what is a happy story for you and write with your experiences in life.

  • TARGET: This is really important for your story: WHO IS YOUR AUDIENCE? First, you have to think on the genre (Sci-Fi, Western, Horror), after that ask yourself:  "what's the best audience for that genre?" and make a fast identikit of your ideal fan. E.g. "FAN HORROR: 15-18 years old, like strong emotions. Can  be Dark or Emo or a Head-banger with black humor" I don't know if it's a perfect this identikit but I always ask myself as to who I think is my best fan as it helps a lot in improving my story.

  • LOGLINE: One important rule in telling a story is "One character, one thing, one story". Try to develop your idea in one line because, if you can explain your story in one line, your story can become really strong and clear as it is an indication that your idea is already clear in your head. 
    • E.g." A girl tries to run away from her home because she wants her self-sufficiency." You need the Main character(A girl), the most important verb (run away) and the motivation of the Main character (she want her self-sufficiency)

  • SUBJECT: Now if you want to work on a unique long story, you need to write the entire story of your comic in max one page. You have to do that to establish the beginning and the ending of your story. If you are working on a series with many episodes,  little by little, write down the subject matter of every episode in max one page as you go deeper in your story. Here you can use the Target Audience to see their most liked films, books or comics so you can give your expected readers the things that they would like to see and read.

  • CHARACTERS: Make a Identikit of your characters and here are some of the points to consider:
    • NAME
    • YEARS
    • GENDER
    • WORK
    • RELATIONSHIP – family, girlfriend or boyfriend etc.
    • BACK STORY - The most important thing! The motivation of the character is most of the time connected with his past.

                People have a very complex lifestyle so it is important that you keep these in mind.


You can see the complete article here --->…

TheInvertedTower Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
In my experience, if your highly critical of what you write, then it may be difficult for you to develop your story. Because you may do your best to avoid making mistakes, rather then learn from them. Or, you may be avoiding flaws that make your characters unlikable, but without flaws, their may be no conflict.

However, even if you do remain critical of such things, your story can still be developed through it's timeline, where the chaos effect takes place. From the beginning and throughout the future, the changes are never exactly as you expected.
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Submitted on
April 20, 2013